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Who are we? 

We provide Australian homes with an eco-friendly & comfortable place for babies and children to explore, learn and grow, safely. Established in Melbourne in 2006. Australia’s #1 selling playmat

We are proudly Australian owned with the exclusive rights to distribute the high quality Dwinguler brands in both Australia & New Zealand including:

  • Bubba Mat
  • Baby Care 
  • Dwinguler

Bubba Mat prints are designed here in Australia and all mats are made from the same high quality padded, eco-friendly PVC foam with reversible designs.

What makes softmats play mats different to others in the market?

To sum it up, the quality.

Our non-slip baby play mats are softer and made with high quality eco-friendly PVC foam (with absolutely no plastic feel)Our sturdier, waterproof mats are more robust for better grip, stability, and support on floor surfaces than any other play mat in the market. All mats come with reversible designs including the bestselling boho, cars, roads & alphabet designs, they are all non-toxic & eco-friendly because your baby (and our planet) only deserves the best.


Non-toxiceco-friendly and waterproof.

Not only do our mats help look after our planet during the manufacturing stage, but they last in a family home for years, no matter how many accidents that may occur. Our soft, cushioned playmats are reversable to mix up the design, keeping your little one entertained to engage their curiosity, from adorable baby playtime prints to a stylish mat in your favourite space at home.

softmats has 3 brands of mats which are all made in Korea by Dwinguler, the best quality play mat manufacturer in the world;

  • Bubba Mat, designed in Australia, made by Dwinguler and brought to you by softmats
  • Dwinguler, brought to you by softmats
  • Babycare, the same high quality as Dwinguler with brighter prints, brought to you by softmats

Bubba Mat are designed by softmats here in Australia with a wide range of exclusive & stylish prints. 

What are our mats made of?

Our play mats are made of only the finest quality materials and most appropriate safe materials. All Dwinguler, Babycare and Bubba Mat playmats are made with a non-toxic PVC called eco-friendly PVC. This is a very different material from traditional PVC that is known for its toxicity concerns due to the use of plasticisers like phthalates. Non-toxic eco-friendly PVC which is used in medical equipment, toys, and households, is completely free of phthalates and has been tested and proven safe for human usage. In addition, our mats contain no formaldehyde no heavy metals including lead and mercury and no BPA. All toxins in the materials are removed by our manufacturers with toxic removal technology and passes all Regulation and Product Standards in the USA, EU and Australia.


softmats is Australia’s number one selling playmat.  Our play mats are far superior to others available; being more delicate to touch, with more cushioning, more sturdiness and grip and reduces unwanted floor noise. Our non-toxic baby play mats weigh approximately double the weight of other brands available, meaning that the play mats offer greater shock absorbing properties as well as not moving or slipping on floor surfaces.  


All play mats have a non-slip surface and multiple foam layers providing excellent cushioning for falls and tumbles and perfect for tummy time for babies.

We take product safety very seriously. All products are sold worldwide and comply with all Australian standards available for toxicity in toys and passed both CPSIA and EN71 standards, the strictest toy-making standards worldwide for safety and hygiene. They are Phthalate Free. BPA Free, Lead Free, Latex Free Formaldehyde Free and EVA Free.

Durability / Long-Lasting 

The waterproof surface, elastic characteristics and the multiple foam layers will last for years. Our mats are designed to easily wipe any spillages clean and stay dry, meaning there’s less effort required to maintain the mat than most rug options and over a longer period. 

All softmats come with a 12-month warranty, covering all manufacturing of the item over the first 12-month period. 


Not only do our play mats provide a safe & comfortable place to play, but they offer a huge range of educational and engaging prints to support the development of your child’s motor skills during playtime. To take interactive play to the next level, see our Music Parade Interactive Play Mat. The sensor in the pen tip reads the mat surface, so when your child touches the animals, objects, letters, numbers, and so many other areas that can be seen; the pen talks to them through its speaker, sings songs, explains objects, sings the alphabet song, and provides hours of fun educational interaction for growing minds. How cool is that!?


All playmats are manufactured in South Korea using patent manufacturing methods for producing eco-friendly products, made with high-quality non-toxic materials that are friendly to the environment. softmats comply with all requirements of CPSIA and European Toy Safety Standards. All softmats play mats are soft to touch with no plastic feel are free from all unsafe chemicals such as heavy metals, phthalates, formaldehyde, BPA, Lead, Latex Free Formaldehyde and EVA.

Support & Development 

Softmats baby play mats are perfect for tummy time to help strengthen your baby’s neck and shoulder muscles and encourage your baby to safely roll around on their back to discover fun colours and patterns and help the prevention of a flat head.

Once your baby is the on the move, the super-soft and thick surface will support the developing ligaments including shock-absorbent softness to protect your baby from bumps and tumbles on hard floors.

The Dwinguler Playpen Castle 2 

Keep your child safe within a safely controlled area, together with engaging, interactive toys, introducing the Dwinguler Playpen Castle 2. With stable and secure panels to avoid sliding or being pushed over and a dual lock providing safe and secure locking, the Dwinguler Playpen Castle 2 is not only designed to keep your child within their own safe play environment, but also provide learning station, designed for kid's sensory development including phone games, gears, draw cute animal characters.


Customer Reviews


Gorgeous design and the mat is soft with adequate padding.

Megan Carrillo 

Fast delivery with good customer service. Mat is so soft. My baby loves it. Thank you so much.

Ranjit Kaur 

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Love the mat. The delivery was so super fast!!! Mat was recommended to other new parents who equally love it!

Dilini Weerasooriya 

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we love softmats, it’s one of the best buys we have for our baby. good for all stages of baby development. my girl loves both.

Merjilyn Felias 

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Bought two of these mats during Black Friday sales last year for use in my home gym setup and couldn’t be happier with the product I received.

Matt S. 

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This is a high quality large sized play mat with good thickness whilst still being soft. Beautiful artwork and perfect for our little one.


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The mat was bought for my grandson, and my daughter has commented it allows for family time together on the floor, as well as a nice place for him to have alone time to kick and squirm, as she watches.

Shaz Thomas 

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