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Holiday Gifts for Expecting and New Mothers

Posted by Softmats on

October is nearly over, which means that the holiday season is officially in full swing. That means that Black Friday is right around the corner with Christmas following exactly one month behind. If you’re racking your brain looking for ideas on what you to get any expecting or new mothers in your life, you are in luck.

Our blog post today is going to cover some of the most well thought out gifts that are sure to be people pleasers once they’re opened.


Children grow at an incredibly quick rate, which makes the process of purchasing clothes extremely expensive. Whether it’s clothes that they can wear right now, or something that they’ll be able to grow into, you can’t ever go wrong with these types of gifts. They’ll definitely wind up being used and appreciated, even if it does take some time for them to grow into the clothing.

The same goes for any shoes or accessories. These items are expensive when you’re building them up on your own, so helping lessen the blunt force of that cost can easily be done by simply incorporating the concept into holiday gift ideas.

Feeding Supplies

An area that parent’s will always need assistance from is feeding. This is something that will develop quickly for children but is also extremely necessary for their minimal survival. With these types of items - bibs, burping blankets, utensils, bottles, and the like - you can expect to send quite a bit of money. These are another gift that will always be welcome to new and expecting mothers.

As we mentioned with the clothes, this is an area where items that they’re going to grow into are totally okay because they will inevitably grow into them. Even the smallest incorporation of these items into a gift can make a huge difference in the amount of money that the parents have to spend on these types of items.


Another part of parenthood that is a given will be development and growth. Every child will continue to develop in their learning and social aspects and having the right tools to make this a smooth process is great! The best way to introduce children to these progressive lessons is through play, and it’s much easier to do so at that point than you’d imagine.

Softmats is one of the best ways to help your child develop in more than one way. These soft play mats offer interactive lessons for your child to enjoy, all while laying on the floor. Given the material that they’re made of, it’s easy to pick them up and take them with you on the go. What’s even better is the quality standard that we’ve set for them, making them a toy that you can take through the years and use with kids that you have later on.


We know what you’re thinking, this is a ridiculous idea for a gift. It may seem that way, sure, but the truth is that this is actually one of the most practical gifts that you can give a parent! Diapers are extremely expensive, especially the ones that are high-quality and comfortable for the child to be wearing.

This is another gift where you don’t have to go crazy, but even the smallest additional package of diapers can make a big difference. If you want to get someone a simple gift, but throw in a package of diapers, you can almost always expect them to be thankful for the additional diapers. Believe us, you’re going to be making their life much better with such a practical gift.

Gift Cards

When you’re out of ideas on what to give the parents that mean so much to you, know that you absolutely can’t go wrong with gift cards. This could be a gift card directly to a store with baby goods, or a store that offers many items so that they can go and choose for themselves how they’d like to spend the money, but you can also get a little creative. The moment someone becomes a parent they no longer put themselves first, which means that date nights and splurges on oneself become few and far between.

If you want to remind them to spend some time loving themselves, gifting a gift card to a local restaurant or a favorite store is a great way for you to make sure that they prioritize themselves with this gift.

When you’re looking for a gift for a mother to be or a new mother, or even any mother with young children, Softmats is a great option. Browse the selection of interactive play mats that we carry and find the one that best suits the need and developmental skill you want to work on. Quickly order online and watch the children you love the most, develop right in front of you. Shop on line today!


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