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Major Milestones in Early Childhood

As a baby, your child will experience the most rapid development of their life over the next few years. While your baby grows, there are certain milestones you can expect at every age. As a baby play mat distributor, we care about the healthy development of your child. That is why in this blog and [...]

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Why Every Classroom Needs a Foam Play Mat (or Two!)

Childcare providers spend a lot of time making sure their classrooms are perfect for the children in their care! They know that a safe, supportive environment can help children grow and develop the skills that they'll need to use later in life to become successful. Even for infants, a childcare classroom should feel safe while [...]

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Three Types Of People Who Would Love Softmats As A Gift

How’s your holiday shopping going? What? Here it is a few days after Thanksgiving and you haven’t crossed every name off your list yet? Don’t worry, we’re just kidding. Like you, the Softmats team spent our autumn holidays gathered around with friends and family, having one too many slices of pumpkin pie. We prefer to [...]

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Creative Ways To Use Softmats Around The House

Here at Softmats, we’ve worked hard to become the premiere online source for baby play mats. Parents know that when they’re looking for a unique birthday gift, or just a versatile way to decorate their nursery, they can come to Softmats and find a large selection of foam play mats from all of the best [...]

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Choose Softmats To Delight The Children On Your Holiday List!

The holidays are coming, which means parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles all over the world are trying to decide what they’ll be giving to all the children on their lists. Every year it’s the same old struggle, where adults try to put themselves in the minds of the toddlers, middle-schoolers, and teens that they [...]

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Caring For Your Foam Play Mat

Proper Care For Your Foam Play MatSoftmats are one of the easiest foam play mats to care for on the market.If you should ever need to move your baby play mat, Softmats includes a bag for convenient transportation and short-term storage. It’s important not to keep your foam play mat rolled or folded for extended [...]

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Softmats Interactive Mats

Unique Foam Play Mats Softmats believes that children should have fun and interactive play-time. We know how hard it can be to come up with different activities every time your child wants to play. Softmats can help when it comes to offering unique ways to make sure that play-time is fun for everyone. Softmats [...]

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Playtime With Softmats

Playtime With Your Child There’s nothing better than being able to spend quality time with your little one. Playtime is the perfect opportunity to bond with your child and to also create new and exciting ways to keep your child engaged with fun activities. We all know how hard it can be to stoop [...]

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Softmats As A Birthday Gift

Looking For A Birthday Gift? We’ve already discussed how a baby play mat can be the perfect baby shower gift. However, have you ever thought about how a foam play mat from Softmats could be the perfect birthday present for the next child’s birthday party you attend? Try Something New As you get older, you [...]

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Early Education With Softmats

Your Child and Learning When kids are young, they soak up information like a sponge. Every moment presents opportunities to teach your child something new. The designated play area in your home is the perfect place to put something that is both fun and educational. The foam play mats from Softmats are the perfect [...]

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