Play IQ: What is it?

Play IQ: What is it?

Posted by Softmats on 10th Oct 2017

Babies are pretty fascinating individuals. They are creatures that we create, but once they’re out in the world there are so many different things that affect who they grow into that you never entirel … read more

Essentials You Can Buy Secondhand

Posted by Softmats on 16th Aug 2017

Babies are a bundle of a joy. The nine months that a mother waits to have her baby may be tough, but they’re entirely worth it. While the planning process begins, you’ll quickly see that the prices fo … read more

Times When a Softmat Comes In Handy

Posted by Softmats on 21st Jul 2017

Having a new baby can make going to events a challenge. While it’s not exactly an option to use one of the many interactive softmats that we’ve designed at a concert, a gala or some other events, ther … read more

Development of Your Child

Posted by Softmats on 1st Jul 2017

The development of your child is easily one of the most stressful parts of parenting, especially if it’s your first child. While it can definitely be nerve wracking, to wonder whether or not you’re do … read more

How Music Benefits Babies

Posted by Softmats on 27th May 2017

One of the most popular baby play mats that we sell at Softmats is our interactive mat that plays music. The Music Parade Sound Mat offers children a variety of interactive opportunities as they play … read more