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Why You Need A Softmats Foam Play Mat For Your Child

The Best Foam Play Mats When it comes to purchasing a foam play mat for your child, you want to buy the best. Softmats has created the perfect baby play mats for your child’s needs. Softmats wants you to know why you should choose a Sofmats foam play mat over any other brand of [...]

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Softmats’ Designs For Any Style

Our Home and Our Kids One thing we know for sure, when we have kids, the style and design of our homes change. Our concerns change from whether or not our throw-pillows perfectly match our sofas to whether or not we need to hide those perfect throw-pillows until the kids are older and they [...]

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Softmats For Any Budget

You’ve heard your friends talking about the Softmats they’ve purchased for themselves, or the one that they received as a gift from their baby shower, and you’re wondering if Softmats are something you can afford? Size and Price We have good news for you! Softmats offers a wide range of foam play mats to choose from [...]

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Why Softmats Is Perfect For The Kitchen

The Perfect Kitchen AdditionAs a parent, you know that the kitchen is where you spend the majority of your time, from cooking, to doing the dishes, to gathering with your friends and family when they come over. The kitchen is where people tend to gather, which makes it the perfect place to put a Softmats baby [...]

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Three Benefits Of Softmats

The Benefits of SoftmatsWith any product that you purchase, you want to make sure that you’re getting your money’s worth, and unfortunately, getting ripped off is more common than not. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. With patience and diligence, you can find the right products, you just have to look in the [...]

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Softmats and Play Areas Part II

Welcome back!In our last blog, we talked about what items you should be utilizing in a play area for your child, as well as how using softmats can help protect your child from themselves, as toddlers tend to fall a lot. We also talked about making it even more fun for your child with the [...]

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The Best Playroom For Your Toddler

Creating a safe place in your home for your child to play can get extremely difficult. Especially when you don’t realize just how unsafe many rooms in your house can be until you’ve turned to find your curious toddler heading for a table with a heavy lamp on it. Regardless of the somewhat unsafe circumstances [...]

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Why Putting A Baby Play Mat On The Floor Is Better Than A Blanket

There’s no telling what kind of dirt, bacteria, and other dangerous substances can be lingering on floors and carpeting. All parents realize how dirty these surfaces can be and so instead of just setting their baby down on the bare floor, they will put down a clean blanket or towel. While this is better than [...]

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Looking for A Great Baby Shower Gift?

Foam Play Mats Make the Best Shower Gift Each year brings about a new wave of friends that are getting pregnant with their first child. As you continue to attend baby shower after baby shower, you’ll find one thing to be true: Adhering to the baby shower registry can get boring. Certain products will appear in [...]

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Developing Play at Any Age: Age Appropriate Activities for a Kid’s Play Mat

Children grow up fast. Any parent will tell you that the days feel really long but the years fly by. Helping your children hit developmental milestones and learning how to play in ways that are positive is essential for any parent to accomplish. Understanding those different milestones along the way is important in [...]

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