Games to Play With Your Infant on Their Play Mat

Posted by Softmats on 1st May 2017

You love your baby, but you may be at a loss as to how to actually play with an infant. They can’t speak, they can’t move well independently, and they don’t really understand what you are saying yet. … read more

How to Choose Safe Toys for Your Child

Posted by Softmats on 1st Apr 2017

You probably have fond memories of the toys you had during childhood. Whether it was a beloved doll or a fun train set, the toys you had for your playtime made it all the more fun. However, as fun as … read more

Why Playtime is So Important

Posted by Softmats on 1st Mar 2017

As a parent, you put a lot of pressure on yourself to make sure that your child is raised right. However, not everything when it comes to raising children is so serious. In fact, playtime is a very im … read more

More Major Milestones in Early Childhood

Posted by Softmats on 1st Feb 2017

It may seem like your infant will always be your little baby, but in reality, they will grow up quicker than you even realize! One way you can track your baby’s development is through milestones. Ther … read more

Major Milestones in Early Childhood

Posted by Softmats on 1st Jan 2017

As a baby, your child will experience the most rapid development of their life over the next few years. While your baby grows, there are certain milestones you can expect at every age. As a baby play … read more