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5 Perfect Toys to Pair with Baby Play Mats

So you’ve decided to purchase a baby play mat for your new addition? Congratulations! Not only will they provide a safe, clean space for your child to play and grow but it’s something that can grow with them. Pairing age appropriate toys with a baby play mat can provide hours of interactivity that can be [...]

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5 Times in Which Baby Play Mats Give Parents a Needed Moment

Scouring the Internet there are plenty of mommy forums with new moms racked with guilt over setting their newborn or young child down for just a short periods of time. It’s generally understood that babies and young children need to be held and comforted as well as monitored for safety. But there are times that [...]

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How to Initiate Tummy Time with Your Infant

Baby play mats are not just for older babies, newborns can benefit from the use of a baby play mats through the process of tummy time. Tummy time is essential for babies during the first few months of their lives. A newborn’s head is soft and made of several different pieces of bone that grow [...]

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Is My Child Too Old For A Baby Play Mat?

When a product has the word ‘baby’ in the name, it’s not a stretch to assume that it’s only intended for use by an actual baby, a child who still hasn’t started walking and talking yet. Many parents think that if their child is a toddler, with full mobility and a growing vocabulary, our soft [...]

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3 Entertaining Baby Play Mats Designed To Spark Early Learning!

Parents love our baby play mats because they provide a large, portable, easy-to-clean surface on which their children can play without being exposed to potential contaminants that linger on floors and carpeting. However, a clean, safe play surface isn’t the only reason our playmats make a great addition to your playroom or living room. People [...]

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​Softmats: Baby Play Mats For Multiple Purposes

While visiting our on-line store, take the time to admire the wide variety of Softmats we have to offer. We are proud to say that each of our mats is made carefully to be the safest, most non-toxic and most durable mat you will find, anywhere. Our mats are the perfect alternative to hardwood floors [...]

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​Softmats: Myths About Independent Play For Kids

Myth: In order to be ‘playing,’ you have to be ‘doing something’.Truth: Sometimes, the best play is nothing more than doodling, creating, and daydreaming. Encouraging this kind of play takes some effort at first, but after showing kids what to do they can easily take on this kind of playing on their own. The key [...]

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​Kids Play Mats: Cheaper Is Not Better

It is common to try to buy a cheaper version of as many products as possible, and if each product looks almost identical to the other one, why wouldn’t you? With play mats though, it is extremely important for your child’s safety that you do not try to save a few dollars, buying the cheaper [...]

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Baby Play Mats: How Your Child Benefits From Play

Playtime is the business of childhood. Allowing your child free rein to experiment with the outside world around them and the emotional world inside of them, playtime can be crucial for your child's development. While it may look like mere child's play to you, there's a lot of work — problem solving, skill building, overcoming [...]

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Baby Play Mats: Building Your Baby's Muscles

By about 6 months of age, your baby will gain at least some control over most of the muscles in their body. She doesn't really need your help to discover how to use them. She'll develop, practice, and master the physical skills with or without your help. Nonetheless, you may help move along the process [...]

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