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Baby Play Mats: Developmental Activities To Try With Your Baby

Are you having trouble thinking of ideas for how to play with your baby? We've got some fun and easy activities to help stimulate your infant's development and bring on some adorable giggles. From tummy time on their new Dwinguler baby play mat to playing in some water, we've got some tips for you. Tummy time: [...]

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How Safe Are Our Baby Play Mats?

When your little bubba needs a soft, safe, and durable baby play mat , Softmats has the solution for you. We have three complete lines of playmats for you. Infants and toddlers take in so much information and learn from everything they experience everyday. They have fun and vibrant designs, while offering a practical, non-toxic area [...]

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Baby Play Mats: How To Keep Your Crawling Baby Safe

Our durable baby play mats provide a fun and innovative way where babies and toddlers can play, learn, and grow for many years. If you've already went through the crawling stage once, you know that once your baby starts crawling, you have to work 10 times harder to keep him safe. Now that your baby [...]

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Are All Baby Play Mats The Same?

Thank you for checking back in on our Softmats blog, where you can get caught up on all the latest news around our popular Bubba Play Mats, Dwinguler Play Mats, and Comflor Mats. Our baby play mats come in various sizes so you can have the convenience of a smaller mat or one that is [...]

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Baby Play Mats: Debunking Myths About Independent Play

Softmats specialises in safe, non-toxic, and durable play mats. The international Premium Dwinguler™ Play Mats and Premium Bubba Mat™ range of floor spaces are the best quality in the world. They are fun and colourful designs of practical, functional, and versatile children's and baby play mats. They are soft and cushioned safe PVC play mats [...]

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Independent Play Time & More Myths Surrounding It

Parents often feel that it's difficult establishing independent play habit for their kids. Either their infants cry when they’re placed down on their baby play mats, their toddlers won’t play unless parents play with them, or their preschoolers need constant entertainment and direction. Most of these problems stem from common misconceptions about independent play. Independent [...]

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Dwinguler Play Mats Are Perfectly Sized

Welcome back to the Softmats blog. Our Dwinguler Play Mats are large and give Bubba lots of room to play on a soft, padded surface. Just like our Bubba Mats and our Comflor Mats, we have published several informative blogs about our Dwingulers. We are going to continue our blog review by revisiting a few [...]

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For Versatility And Reversibility, Comflor Playmats Are The Best

Welcome back to the blog for Softmats. We are going to talk about our incredible Comflor Playmats this week. As you might expect, these mats make for a great padded surface for “Bubba” to play. We have published a lot of great infor here about baby play mats and our Comflor playmats. We are going [...]

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Need That Bubba Mat

Welcome back to the Softmats blog. Our Bubba mats are soft, safe, non-toxic, and comfortable for bubba to play on or sleep on. You will love our designs too. Over the last couple of years, there’s been a lot published here about our flagship product, and we’d like to make sure you get to see [...]

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Bubba's Polar Bears Enjoy The Beach With This Colourful Mat

Hello, loyal Softmats customers. We hope you have been enjoying our product spotlights on our popular soft mat lines. Recently, we have been reviewing several individual play mats from our popular mat lines. In our last blog post, we reviewed one of Dwinguler™ mats, the Dinoland Play Mat. We’ve also examined the Dwinguler™ Play Mat, [...]

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