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Play IQ: What is it?

Posted by Softmats on

Babies are pretty fascinating individuals. They are creatures that we create, but once they’re out in the world there are so many different things that affect who they grow into that you never entirely know what you’re in for. One of the things that we love being able to see are the things that they learn. Not only is it fun to watch them try and make sense of a lesson, but it’s absolutely incredible to see them apply these skills.

An area that we’ve seen develop in the past couple of years is how we teach our children some of their most valuable lessons. From the words that they say to the various physical developments that they need to make, we have found better ways for them to develop these skills, one of the most common ones being play.

Softmats is one of the leading providers of interactive forms of playmats for children to play while also developing both their bodies and their mind. Today we’re going to touch on what Play IQ is, how it is determined and what you can do when you understand your child’s play IQ.

What Is It?

As you may have well guessed by this point, play IQ is what happens when children develop their skills and learn about the world around them through the act of playing. There are three individual pillars of learning that are taken into consideration when talking about play IQ, each of them being improved upon on an individual level for the child.

With the progressive toys that we are able to purchase for our children, it’s not too difficult to find a toy that will help your child further develop their skills in these specific areas. Now that you’ve got a general idea of what play IQ is, we are going to dive into the different pillars that you can focus on with your child, and some of the informative pieces that will help you make the most of them.


One of the most important pillars that children are able to focus on now through the act of play is entirely physical. Primarily these types of toys will work on helping your child learn how to reach, grab, move, and eventually stand. Each and every month of your young child’s life will require them to develop further in their physical abilities, and it’s important that you know what level your child is at and what types of skills they should be acquiring at that time.

At the 3-month mark, your child should be learning to turn their head, which requires comfortable padding. The next month your child will be focusing on grip, followed by self support and rolling over in month 5, and strengthening in month 6. Each of these physical abilities will be absolutely necessary as your child grows, so it’s worth it to have toys that allow for them to prioritize these skills.


Something else that play IQ focuses on will be the cognitive development of children. This area of development should help your child develop their levels of curiosity, intelligence, creativity, and hopefully develop an overall love for their learning. These types of toys and activities should benefit your child through the ability to hear and speak, but will also incorporate their other senses. These toys will incorporate shapes, colors, sounds and more all so that your child can begin to differentiate them and broaden their understanding of the world and their place in it.

You’ll see when you browse our products that cognitive learning is one of the pillars we most like to focus on through our play mat.

Social & Emotional

The final pillar that we are going to cover is in regards to social and emotional intelligence. As with the other two areas, this is a focus that will be used on a day to day basis regardless of age. These types of toys will help your child learn to listen, speak, share, lead, play and so much more, with others.

What’s great about practicing these skills is that they’re all heavily used once your child enters daycare or full-day school. All of which are even better when they do have some experience or ability to understand them on a higher level.

Softmats is designed to provide children with toys that challenge them and help them develop further. Each play mat offers different opportunities for your child to grow in ways that they wouldn’t with standard toys. If you’re looking for the perfect toy for your child to start developing, invest in one of these mats. The lessons they teach are classic and necessary, so you can count on them being a staple in your household for generations to come.

Browse the current selection that we have online and place your order online today.

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