Development of Your Child

Posted by Softmats on 1st Jul 2017

The development of your child is easily one of the most stressful parts of parenting, especially if it’s your first child. While it can definitely be nerve wracking, to wonder whether or not you’re doing everything that you can to help you child, there are plenty of things that you can do to ensure that they are developing at a steady pace.

At Softmats, we have designed a playmat that is not only comfortable and enjoyable for newborn babies, but it is also a mat that can enhance the interaction that they have with sounds, pictures and movements, to work on their development.

Since so many parents do worry about the development of their child, we wanted to go over a few of the stages that you should be looking for with your child as they grow.


As a newborn, you’re going to notice your baby interacting on different levels with the world that it’s just become a part of. You’ll see curious eyes, fresh expressions and a lot of trial and error. The main development that babies should be seeing at this age is going to gravitate around sleeping and eating, two of the most basic and necessary components of life. Like we said before, a lot of the development that they go through later on will be based on the information and perception that they take in at this time.

Month One

At the one month mark, your baby has now become familiar with a few objects and routines that they go through on a regular basis. They will be ablet or recognize you, your spouse, and other family members. They have likely managed to find a comfortable way of feeding and have an easier time falling asleep when they’re tired. Aside from that, they’ve also gained some strength and are working on lifting their head. One of the main developmental parts of this month of life is their ability to start reacting. Expressive coos are encouraged!

Month Two

If the first two months have been exhausting, you can find some comfort in the development of longer sleeping periods in month two. It’s unlikely that your child will be sleeping through the night yet, but the longer periods definitely help you get a better feel for their sleep schedule and allow to start making steps towards that long night of rest.

Month Three

If you’ve been waiting to see the unique traits of your little one, month three is one of the first opportunities that you’ll have. This month is common for children to start babbling away and working on their communication skills. This is also a huge month for physical activity and strength gain. The arms and legs of your baby might be flailing around and causing a motion, and you’ll see that there is plenty of strength in those little limbs. The softmats are a great space for them to work on building strength and holding themselves up, while also being interactive with other areas of development.

Month Four

It’s incredible how much the surroundings of your child will affect their development. At month four, your baby will start to interact with their surroundings and react to them. This is the age where softmats really start to become a part of your child’s development. They begin to interact with different textures, colors and sounds and start gaining this little bit of knowledge that they’re different. This might increase the level of distraction that your child experiences, but it’s not a bad thing in the slightest!

Month Five

When it comes to innocent snuggles and sweet kisses from your little one, month five is a prime time to enjoy this. Your baby is going to be spending plenty of time expressing herself through nuzzles and kisses, and will also be demonstrating plenty of signs that tell you what they want. This is the time where most babies will start to understand what it takes for them to be picked up, or get food. Another form of development that happens at this age will be the depth with which she watches you. Communication and the recognition of words and sounds will be extremely prominent in this month.

Month Six

One of the biggest forms of development that people can’t wait to see is physical development. It’s exciting to see your baby lift their head up, or roll over, and month six is where you’ll finally be able to see some major development in regards to physical movement. At this stage, your baby will start to make moves, literally. You will see them struggling to turn over and work harder to hold themselves up. This will aso mean an increase in strength for their neck. All of this is a good sign that you’ll have a crawling baby in the next few months.

Another development that you’ll probably see around this time will be in regards to the food that they’re eating. Around this time, babies start to want some solids, so make sure that you’re ready for the mess that’s about to ensue. This is another time where color, texture and feel will be noticed, so working on the difference, recognition and, most importantly, exposure to various textures is extremely important for your little one.

We’ve only been able to cover the first six months of your child’s life, but the development process is only just beginning. Check back soon to see what the next six months of your child’s life will look like in regards to development. Aside from that, check out all of the play mats that we offer to find one that best suits the month of life that your child is at, or that will help them strengthen some weak points of development.

The mats that you’ll find when you shop Softmats are everything that you need to see incredible development in your child. Browse our selection online today and place your order for a product that will continue to boost the development of your child.