Essentials You Can Buy Secondhand

Posted by Softmats on 16th Aug 2017

Babies are a bundle of a joy. The nine months that a mother waits to have her baby may be tough, but they’re entirely worth it. While the planning process begins, you’ll quickly see that the prices for certain products are absolutely insane. Rather than continue to drop hundreds of dollars on products that you’ll only use momentarily, browse the items below that we suggest using second hand.

Clothes & Jackets

Babies grow at an insane rate. While the clothes that are so small and look adorable on the hanger are really easy to buy, your little bundle of joy will only be able to wear these clothes for about a month, max. That being said, going out and buying all new clothes for the baby that you’re about to have is somewhat of a ridiculous idea.

Rather than spending tons of money on clothes they’ll only wear for a little bit, make the most of hand-me-downs or previously worn clothes. There’s nothing that you have to worry about when you’re looking at used clothes. In fact, some of the clothes that you’ll find, like jackets for instance, won’t have been worn more than a couple of times. This is an incredible steal because jackets, regardless of how small, are pretty expensive when you’re taking into consideration that your child will really only wear it for a couple of months at most.

Save yourself some money and head on over to a used baby goods store, or some local garage sales, and find some clothes that you can wash and reuse for your little one.


Similar to clothes, shoes are a great item that you can find and use secondhand. When you think of how little your baby is at the time that you first take them home, they aren’t even able to walk or get their shoes dirty, but yet we still buy them. These cute shoes are definitely fun to have and an essential when making those cute outfits we love, but they aren’t something that you need to drop money on when you have a newborn.

Rather than buy new shoes, see who has some shoes from this time of their child’s life that you can just purchase from them as used or get passed on to you.


The last two items that we’ve touched on have been items where you don’t have to worry much about purchasing them used, but toys are a little bit different. Maybe not so much different, but they do require a little bit more work before just passing them off to your child.

Regardless of the age of your child, make sure that when you’re purchasing toys that are used you’re always washing them down so that germs aren’t passed along. As children, the immune system hasn’t fully developed, so the chances of getting sick from a toy that was once in another child’s mouth, who may have been exposed to something, stands as a possibility.

Most toys will be fine so long as you clean them off, so do take that into consideration. Just make sure that you think about what your child will be doing with the specific toy, and how others who used it before them may have. At that point you’ll know if it’s a toy you want to pass on to your child.


Another huge expense with babies are strollers. These are changing at all times, so don’t get us wrong, there are strollers that have likely lived a good life and are now just better off out of commission. If you’re looking for specific features, you can do your best to find a store that will give them to you at a reasonable price, but for the most part, you can usually find strollers from family members that recently had babies, garage sales, or used baby good stores.

The average stroller is easily over a couple of 100 dollars, so if you can manage to find a stroller that provides you with the same safety features and works well, don’t think twice. Just make sure that you give it a good wipedown before toting your cutie around.

Softmats are a fantastic tool for children to develop their social skills and learn new things, and because of that they are one of the things that you should hold onto even after your child has grown up. Whether it’s a family member, a close family friend, or you’re selling it to a used baby store, these mats are something that all children need at a young age and that will never lose their lifelong value.

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