Things New Parents Need But Probably Don’t Have

Things New Parents Need But Probably Don’t Have

26th Jul 2019

While most people think that they’re ready to be parents, they oftentimes find themselves in over their heads after bringing their little bundle-of-joy home. This is natural, as caring for a baby is a new experience that most of us have never done before. No matter how many baby books you read, videos you watch, or podcasts you listen to, nothing quite prepares you for the real thing. While baby showers and gifts can give you a headstart on the necessities and can supply you with a few handy baby necessities, there are always a handful of things that can go under the radar that you probably wish someone would’ve gotten you. In today’s blog, Softmats, the providers of the best kids’ play mats, will go over some of the things every new parent needs but might not have.

Onesies and Diapers

These are usually readily available at first. You may have gotten a literal boat full of both baby clothes and diapers at the baby shower or as gifts here and there before your baby is born. However, what people don’t tell you is that babies use a lot of diapers. Like A LOT of diapers. You’ll likely go through about three or four on a good day. When the bad days come (notice how we said when, not if), you’ll want to be prepared with all of the diapers you need to weather the storm.

The same can be said about onesies, the main ensembles of your child’s wardrobe. While it’s great to have a few go-tos in your child’s clothing line-up, you’ll definitely want some variety, especially if your baby has a bad diaper day. Babies also grow rather quickly, seemingly needing new clothes almost every single month. When your baby starts making the change to solid foods, they’re also going to be making quite the mess. This means you’re going to be doing quite a bit of laundry, so having extra baby clothes on hand is always a good idea.

Nipple Cream

It may not sound very glamorous, but nipple cream should be bought in bulk and carried just about everywhere mothers go while they’re nursing. Sore, cracked, or chapped nipples may not be something you think of before you start nursing, but it can definitely become a reality very quickly after it starts. Having a nipple cream that soothes and helps your nipples heal is essential for all nursing mothers.

Softmats Play Mats

Creating a safe place where your baby can experience tummy time or play with toys and have fun is important. This allows your baby to develop their senses and hone their motor skills in a safe environment. One of the best ways to do this is by getting a super soft and durable baby play mat from Softmats. We have dozens of baby mats to choose from, all of which are designed to give your baby a safe place to lay and play.

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