Times When a Softmat Comes In Handy

Posted by Softmats on 21st Jul 2017

Having a new baby can make going to events a challenge. While it’s not exactly an option to use one of the many interactive softmats that we’ve designed at a concert, a gala or some other events, there are plenty of times where these playmats can free up your hands enough to walk around.

Cooking & Cleaning

Getting things done around the house is a thing of the past. The last thing that you want to do when you finally have empty hands is have to worry about cleaning or cooking. While they may be a pain to do, they’re necessary evils. Whether you’re taking a minute to throw laundry in the wash or you need a minute to pull something out of the oven, these are times where having empty hands is a must.

There are too many instances where accidents happen because a parent tries to juggle both the baby and these types of duties. If you are cleaning, put your child on a softmat with the safety gate surrounding it, all in a place that you can see. From there you can clean, quickly cook and make those finishing touches, and make the most of this time where you will have free hands.

Family Event

Now that we’re in summer, it’s not uncommon for there to be plenty of events with family and friends going on. From BBQs to time spent relaxing, a little time off never hurt anybody. Though, with a new little one, time off isn’t so much a thing. In fact, a newborn can make participating in these events a challenge. One of the reasons that Softmats are so incredible is that they can easily be used inside or out, so if you’re at a family BBQ and you’re looking to keep your little one entertained, simply lay out the mat. Add the safety gate to your surrounding and you can keep your newborn entertained and interacting, right under the sun.


It doesn’t matter which holiday we’re talking, each and every holiday requires time cooking, cleaning, talking and the like. When you’ve got a baby that you need to entertain and carry around, you rarely end up fully paying attention to the conversation that you’re in, or with hands empty long enough to actually do anything. Rather than spend the entire time like this, lay out your softmat, put up the safety gate that we’ve designed, and you’ve got a safe space for your little one to play. With the help of the interactive features, they can stay entertained for hours while you get a few seconds to free up your hands.

There are still plenty of other times where a Softmat interactive playmat will be extremely beneficial for you to have ready. With how often your child is turning to your for interaction, stimulation, and basic care, you rarely do have empty hands. Change this with this simple tactic and see how immediate it changes the circumstances.

Softmats is a fantastic product because they provide you with a way to keep your child occupied while you enjoy certain events, get stuff one, or simply free up your hands for a little bit. WIth the help of the design that we’ve created, we are able to provide you with a product that your child will be comfortable in, with features that make every part of their play a lesson.

If you’re interested in having a solution to the times where your hands are busy and you simply need a break, Softmats are the answer. Browse the variety of interactive mats that we have and find one that suits the level of your child and interests that they may already be showing!