Covid-19 - Keeping Safe

What we are doing to keep our team safe from Covid-19 

How crazy was 2020! And now in 2021 things are still not back to our old normal, we now navigate the new normal in Australia with disruptions due to COVID-19. Although, we are certainly one of the lucky Countries with our low numbers of Covid compared to other Countries around the world. 

We are all facing worrying and uncertain times for our communities and economy. With the news changing daily, everyone needs to stay aware and updated with what we can do to stay safe. There is a great informative podcast called Coronacast by ABC news; click here to have a listen. 

We at Softmats are also trying to keep our staff safe and our customers informed concerning the spread of coronavirus COVID19. Our customer service team is now working remotely from their homes. Our hard-working warehouse team are practising daily social distancing and have adopted stringent hygiene practices within the workplace. Our warehouse has stopped any non-essential people from visiting the premises. Only essential people will be granted access, e.g. warehouse staff and couriers. All customer orders will continue to be despatched from our warehouse on a daily basis. We will continue to review and adopt new procedures as required to ensure the health and safety for all. 


All of our courier companies have updated their delivery methods and routines to help minimize person to person contact. Some couriers will no longer obtain signatures at the time of delivery, instead:

  • The parcel will be delivered to the doorstep, or at reception
  • The doorbell (or reception bell) will be rung, and the driver will wait for the recipient of the parcel to attend 
  • If the delivery location is unattended, the driver will move the package to a safe location and leave the parcel
  • If no safe place is available, the package will be returned to the depot and delivery will be rescheduled.

 Let's all stay safe and calm and share some toilet paper with your neighbours if you have some ;)