At Softmats we have always offered the very best quality children's play mats and luxe baby padded play mats. Our Soft Modern Rugs are the ultimate rug replacement for contemporary livings spaces. In 2 amazing design combinations, these Soft Modern Rugs offer all the benefits our our premium quality baby play mats in soft and safe, high density supportive inner cushion, and fully sealed and waterproof outer, as well as gorgeous stylish reversible designs that can replace a traditional carpet rug.

Perfectly designed for modern spaces and contemporary living areas in the largest size. These floor mats are great for use by all the family for baby and children playtime as well as adults for yoga, Pilates, and exercise with the unparalleled supportive inner cushion of our premium mats. Feel the difference of these quality floor spaces by ordering online and having your order delivered to home or work.

Designer Collection Mat 

     Extra Large  -  2.45m x 1.4m x 13mm

     Weight  -  10kg