We receive many calls and emails with questions regarding our fastastic Dwinguler® Play Mats and Bubba Mats, as well as other concerns. We will be listing some of these in summary which we hope may be of some assistance with the purchase of children's products.

NOTICE: In response to several recent enquiries regarding plastic based playmats and similar looking products:

There are a number of products appearing online and in some stores being marketed to appear like a Dwinguler® play mat or Bubba Mat. In fact to the extent the copyrighted images and product information is being used to misrepresent these products as being the same as Dwinguler or Bubba Mat. Some of these are branded and many unbranded and generic claiming to be the same safe quality. These products are not the same. These are copy cat products. Unless it is branded Dwinguler® or Bubba Mat then it is an inferior product made from lower quality materials and indeed very often completely different materials. When it comes to chemicals used for baby products, then safety and quality are paramount and are the drive behind Dwinguler and Bubba Mat.

As with all things; you get what you pay for, and when products are made from chemcials for babies and children then the components used should be the safest and best quality. It is no surprise that many large companies and brands choose profits over quality and safety. It may however come as a surprise to know that presently Australia has no mandatory testing required and therefore no real regulation for these types of play spaces made from chemicals. As such we now know why our stores are often offering products with formamide, phthalates, and BPA in them.

The Dwinguler play mats and Bubba Mats choose not to use materials that are known to be banned in other countries, as well as chemicals that are considered suspect. The simple policy is to use only the safest materials in manufacture and then have the product tested to available world standards. It does cost more, and more again to annually test and certify this, however these products are for our children so the investment is more than worth it and we know parents wouldn't expect anything less.

The Dwinguler play mats and Bubba Mats are tested annually to meet the strict regulations of The US Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA). They are further tested to comply with the European Standards on safety for these types of products. Australia has adopted the standard from Europe as a guide, though as mentioned above there is no requirement to have products tested for compliance locally. It therefore means many cheap and nasty products can continue to be sold locally for our kids, and the often arbitrary 'non-toxic' token package marking may not necesarily be trustworthy.


Cheaper playmats and Chemical Smells?

There are some PVC playmats sold in China, Korea, Online, and gift stores that are made from cheaper quality chemicals and not tested to the same high standard as Dwinguler and Bubba Mat. A simple and clear indicator of these inferior products is the strong chemical smell they emit/leach when open, which continues over the life of the product though, will reduce over time as it goes into the environment. 

Generally these products state that there will be a strong smell, and refer to it carefully as a ‘new smell’ that will disappear after several days when left in a ventilated area etc. Even though the mats may look similar in photos and on the surface; this heavy chemical smell is a clear sign of cheaper quality.

So if unsure about what you are looking at, then put your nose near the surface and smell; more often than not as soon as you open the product and are near it you can clearly identify the problem. Use with confidence the best quality Dwinguler playmats and Bubba Mats.

Crease marks from Folding

Some mats come folded including our great Comlfor Babycare Play Mats. This makes them a little smaller for packaging, though does leave some minor crease residue which is to be expected. With our Dwinguler and Bubba Mat product; they are rolled in cartons to deliver the best possible product for families.

On the larger and thicker 15mm mats, folding them for packaging and shipping simply puts strong crease lines through and across the mat, and these unfortunately do not settle out over time unless fresh off manufacture equipment. We don’t assume parents will be happy with this so rolling gives us all the best quality mat for the living room

Childrens Designs and Some for Mum and Dad?

We do a great range of unisex, contemporary children’s, and fun designs. Designed to stimulate little imaginations, and offer an interactive space for growing families. Many of our designs include Alphabet and Numbers, and some are a little simpler for a few years down the track. We hope that the variety on offer gives each family something great for the years ahead.