At SoftMats, we’re passionate about providing safe and comfortable floor mats to our online customers. Whether you’re shopping for a baby play mat, a modern rug, or a pet mat, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for in our online store.

Our SAPSAL dog mats are the perfect way to pamper your pooch (and they make great gifts!). With a soft antimicrobial surface, these comfortable pet mats will keep your dog protected from harmful contaminants and bacteria that float inside and outside your home.

With our comfortable dog mats, your four-legged friend can sprawl out and relax. Since these dog mats lie completely flat on the ground and have no walls, your dog will be able to nap, play, and eat in comfort.

Why You Should Invest In A Dog Floor Mat

Just like humans, dogs need a place where they can rest and lie their head. After a long day of playing fetch, getting belly rubs, and eating dog food, your furry companion deserves a space where they can rejuvenate each day. This is where a dog floor mat can be a great investment.

A Pet Mat Can Help Prevent Behavioural Issues

Since pet mats are a safe place where your dog can unwind, buying a dog mat from SoftMats may help prevent behavioural issues in your pooch. How, you ask? It’s quite simple, and it has a lot to do with how you train your dog.

When you first purchase your SAPSAL dog mat and take it out of the box, give your dog some time to check it out (whether that be sniffing, laying down on the mat, or observing it from afar). When your dog starts to show any interest in the mat, use a clicker or verbally praise your dog’s behaviour. You can even put a treat on the mat when your dog starts sniffing it. This will encourage your dog to explore it some more.

As your dog gets used to its new mat, they will start to learn that spending time on the dog mat is a positive action that often results in treats, praises, or a pat on the head. When your dog starts to jump on visitors or bark at the neighbours chihuahua, you can ask your pooch to go lay down on the dog mat until they are calm, continuing to reinforce this behaviour with treats and other rewards.

A Dog Mat Can Help Preserve Your Furniture

If you have a designer couch or love seat at home, you may not be too fond of Fido digging and kneading the couch until he finds a comfortable spot. This can cause scratches in leather or rips in fabric, which no homeowner really wants to deal with. If your dog sheds, you may find yourself vacuuming the couch each week to no avail, which can be frustrating as well. When you purchase a soft dog mat from SoftMats, your dog will have their own place to lounge in style, so you don’t have to worry about sharp nails ruining your furniture.