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When you need quality children’s padded playmats, you can count on SoftMats to provide you with a wonderful selection of luxe playmats for infants, toddlers, and kids. For more than 14 years we have been providing the best quality children’s and baby playmat brands on the market, including Bubba Mat, Comflor, and Dwinguler. We also offer interactive children’s playmats that will have your child laughing and learning in no-time. Our Music Parade Sound Mat is one of our most popular playmats because it comes with a special pen that can read the mat’s surface. When you hover the pen across animals, letters, and more, the interactive kid’s mat will come to life, teaching your little one new words and songs through its speakers.

In addition to our wonderful selection of children’s playmats, SoftMats also carries an impressive selection of playmat accessories, such as our Dwinguler Castle Playpen and our Comflor Safety Gate. Looking for an adorable kid’s sofa to add to your child’s bedroom or play area? Be sure to browse our Dwinguler Kids Sofas online. Once you find the perfect padded playmat for your child, visit our Care Instructions page to learn how to best care for your children’s playmat. If you’re interested in learning more about our fun playmats, visit our blog today!

Please take some time to look over the Premium Dwinguler Bubba Mat range and Comflor BabyCare play mats. There is a perfect sized mat for all spaces in set design sizes below:

Premium Dwinguler and Bubba Mat

     Extra Large  -  2.3m x 1.4m x 15mm

     Standard  -  1.9m x 1.3m x 12mm

     Small  -  1.4m x 1.0m x 12mm

Comflor BabyCare

     Medium  -  1.85m x 1.25m x 12mm

     Large  -  2.1m x 1.4m x 13mm

     Round  -  1.38m x 1.38m x 13mm

In a variety of vibrant and contemporary design combinations, these luxe padded playmats have beautiful themes and interactive, educational, and modern reverse designs. They are perfect for babies and toddlers and growing families. So comfortable and soft for all to enjoy, and simply wipe clean making them practical for our children.