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Fresh Designs

Look what's coming in the Bubba Mat range, our beautiful Neutral designs in our Dusk Grey and Nordic Bubba Mats. Two gorgeous designs and in our premium quality feel padded baby play mats, they offer simply the best cushion and support and are truly beautiful to use.

Also for larger contemporary spaces looking for a total rug replacement, then see our amazing Modern Rugs.

Check out the most gorgeous and amazing quality new Round Flower and Garden Babycare playmats. They're perfect for bub, smaller spaces, and accenting a room. With their beautiful prints on both sides and back with the rug styles, you will use these until the children leave home!

Take a look at the stunning Dream Tree design in the Extra Large. Such a beautiful space that works perfectly with the Downy Grey Castle. Families are loving the Cute Friends and Lovely Animals play mat designs in the 1.9m x 1.3m Standard size, and also the Cute Friends in Extra Large is 2.3m x 1.4m and thicker at 15mm so perfect for hard floors. Beautiful simple design combinations that are perfect for the contemporary home after that minimalist design.


In the largest 2.3m x 1.4m Dwinguler, you will also see the amazing new 'Single Print' Peekaboo and Hopscotch. The higher price is attributed to the topsides having one full single print that doesn't repeat, so simply looks beautiful and worth the extra dollars for this once only purchase. The cushion is a high resistance inner resin foam that offers unsurpassed cushioned support and softness. You need to feel and see them to appreciate. These also work perfectly for the Dwinguler Castle Playpen.

Also take a look at some of the new Comflor Prime designs which are colourful, contemporary, simple, engaging and interactive, as well as the amazing Jungle Town and Urban Bubba Mats - something for every family and every space.

Dwinguler CASTLE - The new large sized Dwinguler Castle Play Yard is now available in traditional Rainbow colour (Red, Yellow, Blue) as well as the New Contemporary Downy Grey (Grey and Classic Warm White). Perfectly sized for the large 2.3m x 1.4m mats, and suitable for the other sized mats across the ranges as well.




 So soft and cushioned

The Premium Dwinguler Bubba Mats have been designed specifically for babies and toddlers, with a focus on Safety and Quality without compromise. Using only the best materials in manufacture, these premium padded play mats are then tested to all international standards to certify quality and safety.

On hard floors and carpets, all of our mats offer a lovely soft and cushioned space for the whole family to enjoy.

The Extra Large mats at 2.3m x 1.4m are extra thick and cushioned at 15mm. The very practical Standard 1.9m x 1.3m and Medium 1.85cm x 1.25m sizes are 12mm thick offering a fantastic balance of cushion and support for all spaces.

For the first few years of baby development with rolling, tumbling, tummy-time, teething, and all the fun and games; The Dwinguler Bubba Mats are the perfect waterproof and cushioned spaces for the whole family.

We know families grow and develop, and as such all of our mats are reversible offering fantastic combinations for all spaces. Pop onto the products page to see all the current designs and sizes.



Chemical Safety

Several Europe countries have banned the importation and sale of EVA Foam Puzzle Mats. After testing in Belgium, the products were found to contain toxic chemicals that are dangerous for humans and reproduction. This is apparent in the smell from the products from the chemicals used; with cheap and nasty proving to be just that. Belgium has since banned the use of Formamide in children's products, with the European Union scheduled to impose further bans. 

Taiwan has been the first Asian country to take significant action on toxic chemicals used in manufacture for children's products. From January 2012, the Taiwanese government has made it illegal to include Formamide (known carcinogen) in the production of plastic-based products including puzzle mats and floor mats for children targeted up to 14 years of age. This is an unprecedented step by any Asian government and should be commended. It makes our Australian government who imposes no mandatory testing for these products look very behind the rest of the world with regard to safety and non-toxicity. 

As with all things, you will always get what you pay for. Safety and Quality are often less of a priority to manufacturers and certain brands than profits and costs. However these cuts and compromises only leave us the customers with the problems now and into the future. Without product testing and certification, it does make it extremely difficult to know if what you are buying is actually safe. 


We are proud to say that our Premium Dwinguler™ Play Mats and Premium Bubba Mats™ are the very safest and best quality playmats in the world. To ensure this they are fully tested by SGS to world standards including: the loose (lots of loop holes) European Standard EN-71 and ISO 8124; and the much broader and more stringent US Standards outlined in the CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) which are specific to Chemical Based Products for Children and to which our products are tested annually. 

We do not compromise on Safety or Quality for ourselves or our children. It does cost more to make products that are non-toxic and contain no controversial or suspect chemicals, as well as to have them tested to certify this. However we know that the product is the very best it can be, and as such the little extra is more than justifiable. 

With patented Eco Technology and certified testing, our Dwinguler™ Play Mats and Bubba Mats™ contain: no PBDEs; no Formamide; no Acetophenone; no Heavy Metals including lead and mercury; no Formaldehyde; no Phthalates; no BPA; and no other nasty toxic or suspect chemicals often used in cheap plastics. It is okay if you haven't heard of all these as it is not general information. Specialising in non-toxic play mats for babies and toddlers, we know about them and don't use them so you don't have to worry and can be assured that you and your family have the safest and very best quality product possible.



In response to enquiries regarding play mats looking similar to Premium Dwinguler™ Play Mats and Premium Bubba Mats™

There have been several different branded and unbranded generic products appearing online and instore marketed to appear to be the same quality as Premium Dwinguler™ Play Mats and Premium Bubba Mats™. These are simply copy cat products made from inferior materials and cheaper quality constituents. If it is not Branded Dwinguler™ or Bubba Mat™ then it is not the Safest or Best Quality. 

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.



What is the Difference between the Dwinguler™ Play Mats and Bubba Mats™?

The premium quality and materials are identical - The very best and safest available. Each brand has their own distinct designs. The Dwinguler™ Play Mats have a double embossed surface texture in a diamond shape, and the Bubba Mats™ have the exact same double embossed surface texture though with a square shape. The Dwinguler™ Play Mats come rolled in a clear bag and are available in 3 sizes as listed; the Bubba Mats™ also come rolled in one standard and most popular size. That's it. When you purchase a Premium Dwinguler play mat or Premium Bubba Mat, you are choosing the best quality for your family.



New Styles have arrived and they look fantastic!

Take a look at the Premium Dwinguler™ Play Mats and Bubba Mat™ range. They are manufactured to the highest standards from the best quality and safest materials. They are lovely and soft, bright and colourful, and a fantastic space for any home. The Large, Standard, and Small sizes mean there is a great mat for the house, apartment, and even day care.

Selected styles of each brand are available through our resellers. For any product, testing, or further enquiries please don't hesitate to contact us.


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